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A house by the sea, imbued by the rich history of Haapsalu, is waiting for quests. On the first floor the rooms have a scent of medieval times and the famous White Lady of Haapsalu. Upstairs you will discover Haapsalu’s past as a resort town.

Located in the old town of Haapsalu, the house is surrounded by the sea from three sides. So get your bathrobe on and get ready to go swimming, the beach is just a hop away.

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The upstairs apartment occupies all of the 75 square meters of the second floor. It has a small kitchen with a stove and a refrigerator, WC, bathroom with jacuzzi, a dining room with a view of the sea, a living room/bedroom with a balcony and a view to the sea and a second bedroom. It is meant for 4 people but it has room to accommodate 6 people.

The swimming area is right next to the yard and the surfing beach is only a few hundred meters away.

On the first floor is a romantic “White Lady” apartment with a dining room and a small kitchen with a round tables, 4 chairs, a stove and a refrigerator. The main room has 2 beds and a sofa on the living room side. For parties of four, you can additionally book a room named after Peter I, it also has 2 beds.

The whole house can accommodate 8 adults.

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